Wanna transform your amazing songs into fully produced, streaming-ready masterpieces? Need some help from an award winning, established industry pro/ college songwriting prof who knows the creative and business world? 

It's time to uplevel your sound, style and chances of success in the music biz. 

After we discuss the creative direction of your project,  just upload your vocal,  instrumental and/ or MIDI tracks. Easy.. 

Using intuitive synth treatments, acoustic/ electric sounds, ethereal elements, beats, samples, sweet grooves, shimmering guitars and melodic basslines, I'll elevate your basic tracks into the realm of pure awesome.

  • Complementary initial consultation
  • Quick turn around
  • All complete productions come with full mixes, master and stems
  • 100% Guarantee 


Tap me a note TO GET STARTED.  let's ROCK!

Jeff is the BEST! He is so creative and enthusiastic about projects, and yet also so easy to work with. He can help transform your songs into something so much better than you could have imagined - it's like magic! I've worked with Jeff on various projects for the past year or so and couldn't recommend a better collaborator.” - Tara Novak


Jeff’s been in the music business - producing records, licensing his songs to film & TV, as a journalist & radio host, & as a professor of songwriting & production - for over 20 years. The man is a marvel in the studio: great communicator, tasty groovemaker, enthusiastic cheerleader, tireless idea-generator - what else could you ask for in a producer?” - Aaron English


Jeff is a gem! He’s a pleasure to work with, gives great feedback to adapt & best serve the song, and has an immense amount of patience. I highly recommend working with him to take your songs to the next level. He’s the best of the best!” - Kfox


Great trustworthy producer who can help get that little touch of magic needed to make a great composition into a masterpiece. Amazing to work with!” - Sam Harvey