Docutronica: Telling passionate stories through spoken word, music and video.

Electron Love Theory interviews amazing humans and creatives of every flavor with big stories to tell. The voices are edited, processed and rhythmically fused into the grooves. 

Unlike typical productions, the soundtrack comes first.  Then the video. The music amplifies the message.

Short, stylized and powerful.

The first docutronica song was recorded more than two decades ago, when Electron Love Theory producer Jeff Leisawitz first became mesmerized with the rhythms of spoken word language. By interviewing people with beautiful and tragic stories— a Buddhist mystic, a heroin addict, a woman who had a near death experience —Jeff developed both the musical and storytelling aspects of this unique art form.

In 2000, Electron Love Theory won the title 'Best Independent Electronic Artist in the World' ( for the song Surrounded by Shadows — a deep dive into the inner experience of a young blind man trying to understand the world around him.  

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